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The Education Department of Udalguri College, Udalguri has a notable history dating back to its founding on August 20, 1979. Established in the undivided Darrang district of Assam, India, the visionary educator Malina Chakraborty initiated the department. Chakraborty’s commitment to education and her foresight led to the creation of a department that would play a crucial role in the academic and intellectual development of the region.

Udalguri College itself was a relatively young institution at the time, having been established to cater to the higher education needs of the local population. The foundation of the Education Department was a significant step towards broadening the academic horizons of the College. Mr. Sailendra Nath Brahma, founder Principal’s efforts were instrumental in laying the groundwork for a department that would become a cornerstone of the college’s academic offerings.

The department was set up with the aim of providing comprehensive education and training to students, equipping them with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers in teaching and other educational fields. Over the years, it has evolved, expanding its curriculum and incorporating modern teaching methodologies to stay abreast of the latest educational trends. Initially, The Education Department of Udalguri College offers Education as a general subject, providing students with a solid foundation in educational theories and practices. Since its inception, the department has been committed to delivering high quality education, fostering critical thinking and promoting a deeper understanding of educational principles. By offering this subject, the department aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary for careers in teaching, educational administration and other related fields. This initiative reflects the college’s dedication to enhancing educational opportunities and contributing to the academic growth of the region.

The Education department of Udalguri College marked a significant milestone with the introduction of Major Course in Education under the leadership of Mrs. Poonam Rawat Chetry, the first Head of the Department after the institution was brought under the deficit-Grant-in-aid system by the state Government. This development represents a commitment to advancing academic rigor and providing students with specialized knowledge in the field of education. Mr. Robinson Narzary and Mr. Manoranjan Borah have both made significant contribution to the Education Department of Udalguri College during their respective tenures as Heads of the Department. Under the leadership of Robinson Narzary, The Education Department saw a renewed focus on community engagement and inclusive education. He introduced various outreach programs aimed at bridging the gap between the college and the local communities, thereby enhancing the department’s role in regional educational development. Narzary also emphasized the importance of incorporating local cultural and educational contexts into the curriculum, making education more relevant and accessible to students from diverse backgrounds. Following Narzary, Manoranjan Borah brought a wave of innovation to the department by integrating modern teaching methodologies and technology-enhanced learning tools. His initiatives included the establishment of digital classrooms and the introduction of online resources, which significantly enriched the learning experience. Manoranjan Borah Also prioritized faculty development, organizing workshops and training sessions to keep the teaching staff abreast of the latest educational trends and practices. His efforts have been pivotal in elevating the academic standards of the department.

Together, the initiatives of Robinson Narzary and Manoranjan Borah have strengthened the Education Department’s reputation for academic excellence and its commitment to serving the educational needs of the Udalguri region.

The department has collectively played a crucial role in the department’s growth and success. Each member has brought unique expertise and dedication to their teaching and mentorship roles. They have contributed to curriculum development, ensuring the courses remain relevant and comprehensive. Faculty members have actively engaged in research, contributing valuable insights to the field of education and have published their findings in journals. Additionally, they have organized and participated in seminars, workshops and community outreach programs, fostering a collaborative and inclusive educational environment. Their unwavering commitment to excellence has significantly enhanced the department’s academic standing and impact on the local community.

The College located in Udalguri, a place known for its rich cultural heritage and diversity, the Education Department of Udalguri College has continually strived to reflect these values in its teaching and outreach programs. The department’s establishment marked a pivotal moment in the college’s history, setting it on a path of academic excellence and community service.

The department has a permanent office in the administrative block while the Psychological Laboratory of the Department is located in RCC Block 2. The department provides a conducive environment for the students to excel and pursue their dreams. It actively engages the students in Group Discussions, Practical work, Seminars, Project work, Fieldwork and extension activities.

A huge number of Alumni from the department have been contributing positively in many social spheres with many of them serving in Colleges, High schools and the Middle and Primary levels as well as legal professions, defence forces, health sector etc.

To develop human resources by integrating knowledge and skill, human values and compassion for a better world.
To impart value-oriented education and skill-based training that foster leadership traits of the learners, thus generating sustainable development, social harmony and peace.
1. To inculcate the spirit of enquiry in the teaching-learning process through appropriate pedagogy.
2. To Provide the students with an environment for negotiating multiple perspectives and for creative problem solving.

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